Hundreds of millions of people around the globe are denied quality, diagnostic eye care due to lack of affordable equipment, access to an examination facility, lack of trained professionals, or a lack of understanding of eye diseases that can develop.

Optibrand's goal is to play a vital role in preserving eyesight around the globe. Our patented RetCheck™ Technology automatically qualifies and captures the best retinal images it detects during a video examination and then can stitch those images together in a single, wide field of view panorama image of the retina. This is all done in real time and the images can be sent to distant locations for further evaluation, when necessary.  Our technology can help deliver diagnostic eye health care to millions of people around the world.

Human Applications

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Optibrand's RetCheck

Auto-Capture Solution


  • Combine with a smartphone's video and computing power to create a Low Cost, Portable, Easy-to-Use device

  • Adapts to many retinal imaging and OCT combination devices: mydriatic and non-mydriatic


  • Improves performance of artificial intelligence (AI) systems with Image Fusion (digital noise reduction) capabilities


  • Real-time image panorama displayed


  • Creates awareness of portions of the retina captured


  • Reduces total image capture time

Newborn and Infant Screening

15+ million newborns per year globally are premature and at risk of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). There is no practical way to routinely examine newborns and infants for these abnormalities. In many cases, the earlier retinal issues can be detected, the earlier corrective treatment can be instituted resulting in a better chance for a successful outcome. 


Optibrand anticipates that newborn eye health screening could become a mandated standard of care in many markets.

The ability for the RetCheck Technology to be placed on a smartphone opens up possibilities of large scale screening of newborns. The software automatically captures the best images of the retina and does not require a patient to respond to directional commands.

Artificial Intelligence

Multiple enhancements to our software could be added to increase value on many devices. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning combined with RetCheck would provide assistance in overcoming barriers to reach more patients and provide regular screening checkups worldwide. 

Advances in mobile hardware and OS support for machine and deep learning are enabling smartphones to run stronger forms of AI for offline medical imaging solutions. The cost and size of mobile-ready handheld retinal imaging equipment is gradually declining while image quality is improving. These developments are opening up new possibilities for running detection and grading algorithms to provide an immediate outcome.

Identification and Security

Our RetCheck software can be adapted to perform with a variety of devices to automatically capture, select and give the most precise and realiable biometric match, aside from DNA, through matching of the retinal vasculature patterns. This type of system is easy to use, low cost, and portable. 

Retinal imaging as a human identification biomarker is considerably more resistant to fraud when compared to iris, fingerprint, and facial recognition identification systems because it utilizes a biomarker that cannot be passively acquired without the subject’s knowledge and should be considered as part of any complete security solution offering.

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